Our Campus



An innovative kindergarten which brings out the best in your child. A world full of fun and new learning experiences where they meet other children of the same age group and participate in new learning activities. We are introducing interactive smart class for kindergarten which blends conventional learning system with technology based learning resources.

Primary School

The primary school comprises classes I to V and following CBSE pattern. This section follows the CCE mode of assessment. Instead of the traditional method of teaching, teachers follow activity oriented problem-solving methods in the classrooms. Special preference is given to sports, games, arts, craft, music etc. in the curriculum.

Secondary School

The secondary school comprises classes from VI to X and following the CBSE scheme. Evaluation is also based on CCE. FA’s are conducting quarterly and awarding grades properly. At the end of the secondary school level, students are getting enrolled through AISSE examination.

Senior Secondary

After passing the AISSE examination, students can join the Senior Secondary section. According to their taste, they can prefer the streams which are available in the school. The streams are the following: 1. English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology 2. English, Physics, Chemistry and Information Technology 3. English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics Computer facilities are also available to the students for accessing the Internet and for browsing the booklists.

Dance and Music Room

The school is equipped with dance cum music room pertaining to develop the inborn talents of the students. The school has a choir group which attained a considerable reputation for itself and performed in the works with the facilities available in the music room during their practice session under the guidance of the trained music teacher and dance teacher.

School Games

It offers Basketball, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, We are champions in volleyball for the last 5 years in Alappuzha Dist.

A day at School

The school starts its day with the morning assembly in the main courtyard for all classes at 9:30am. The assembly will be led by the school leader, the head boy and a head girl. School assembly comprises the prayer song, the national pledge,daily news and thought for the day.Mass PT is also a part of the school assembly.
The classes are scheduled from 9:15am to 3:30pm.In addition to the curriculum based examination oriented education,the school imparts value based education to the students.
In order to enhance positive attitude among students,workshops are conducted. I-sharing programme inculcates social serving mentality among students.The main aim of school is to alter the outlook of the students not only in a global perspective but to equip them to be truly citizen of the world village .
The school follows the CBSE mode of assessments and examinations. The primary and secondary school followed the continuous and comprehensive evaluation system.School always keeps in touch with the parents to maintain to and fro feedback.